Thursday, May 10, 2012

Secret door... and a little corner transformation

To be clear, the pics below are not from my house - lol - I wish they were! BUT... they may soon resemble my own version of what you see.
Idea 1) I have, since reading Famous Five and Secret Seven (Enid Blyton) been wanting for a 'secret door' in my own home lol, or a secret passage, or even a secret hiding 'nook' or even one of these books lol... so...
Idea 2) After coming across this post initially, and then this post, showing this 'after' for making an 'organised Family drop spot', this is what Cassie over at hi sugarplum! achieved at her place.

images by hi sugarplum! posted with thanks and permission.

which was originally this:

Idea 3) having been wanting to expand the capacity of the bulk goods pantry...

I thought I could moosh all three ideas together!
We have a very similar corner that could be used this as our family organising centre. I also would like to turn the walk through pantry (really a corridor with a built in linen cupboard on one side as you walk through and with bulk flour/oats buckets lineed up on the right of the passage anyway), into a walk IN pantry. So the one side needs to be closed in/walled in and the other access through a door.

Here's where Enid Blyton comes in. I want to put a door on the pantry that doesn't look like a door. Just coz I can. Since the door to the pantry is immediately to the right of the space allocated for an 'organised Family drop spot', I plan to have a massive blackboard there... that's actually a door! *cue the suspense music*

The other bonus is that the sound that cuurently travels really well from kitchen to bedrooms, will be lessened... good when people in the bedrooms want to sleep, not so good for hearing small children getting up to what they shouldn't!

The secret bit of it aside, changing the walk through to a walk in will mean instead of using one wall for pantry, I will have three walls. Space maximisation... Good stuff eh. See how we go. Since the idea is just added to the list of ideas and 'to do' things, you know how it goes!

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Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

good luck -- I know it will be fab!

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