Friday, November 25, 2011

Cooked Yoda and raw Evil One - oh and shake your minifigs

Results from the Star Wars 'Cookie' Cutters for a certain boy's 10th Birthday Party. I didn't think they would really turn out, you know, not quite like on the box or how I've seen in blogs but they did!

Yoda, Storm Trooper, Vadar, Bobba Fett. Cooked.
Vadar has had too much UV exposure, methinks. Faded, he is.

Yoda. Fully cooked-ed.

raw Yoda and Storm Trooper

raw Vadar (mmm sounds appealing)

Pardon my lack of Star Wars spelling.

I had seen on a blog about using green tea powder for making Yoda green but I completely forgot about it so had to use my gel colours. Ditto for the Vadar who I was going to do chocolate like this blog post did. And no icing detail. Not tonight. And I forgot to do the Sherrin football 'cookies' I had planned. Had the cutter and everything sitting in the drawer (and a footy jumper cutter too) for months... to do for Jake... that will have to be a holidays one I think.

Oh and a funny pic, blurry, of two of the characters on the cake. They just happened to be 'posed' like this when I took the pic.

Hey, you there!
[says the storm trooper to the evil one]
Then the storm trooper gets vapourised by the guy with issues.

Oh and even though I did give the mold a little bang on the bench, bang it more, next time! Here's the first go at chocolate Lego minifigs I did. I was really pleased with them (minus bubbles) and they came out of the mold very very very easily. These will be well used molds these ones!

Happy Birthday (Party) Jake. xo

eta it took a long time, much longer than said birthday boy liked, for Star Wars to come into this house. It wasn't enirely a decision I was happy with, either. But it's here now, definately. And it's his interest. And it's his birthday. And I have a two-year old who can transform carrots and can openers into light sabers. *sigh*


Lola Jones said...

very talented, they look great
no more boring biscuits for parties ay

Lesley said...

Love, love, love them - I need to know where you got

a) the star wars cookie cutters and
b) the lego moulds.

William would go spare

And Happy Birthday to your gorgeous 'not so little anymore' man :D

Kristy said...

Lesley = they are the Williams Sonoma 'cookie' cutters. I had to get mine from Ebay. As I understand it they're not allowed to sell them from the US stores or something...
Ditto on the Lego molds - Ebay.

If you want I can email you the Ebay seller as I didn't have a hassle at all with either transaction.

Lola = thanks! I'm glad they turned out - they're really very good molds so I think anyone could make them and they'd look great :)

Kristy said...

eta Lesley thanks for Birthday wishes for Jake. PS if you can't get hold of the cutters let me know and I'll lend you mine ;) Love to see William's face :)

Lesley said...

Sorry Kristy just catching up and yes please I'd love an email with the details :D

Kristy said...

will do :)

SweetSugarBelle said...

They are perfect!

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