Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Happily Confused Lioniger Complete

My first real knitting project... well, unless you count 'fart filters' knit when I was in Year 1 - a rectangle of knitting and a string on either side to put it on your face with... anyway, this first real knitting project was begun only two and a half to three years ago.

Well... to be fair it was begun then, done in earnest for a week or two in the evenings with a small person and then it went to Broome for a holiday and returned sometime ago.  It sat and was patient... and then lo and behold it was finished in two nights. Ha!

I really liked doing the ears.  They were my favourite bit I think.  I also think knitting the entire thing in the 'flat' (ie in one piece rather than in several pieces) would be MUCH easier in terms of stitch and turn, ie right sides together, stitch and turn out.  I know I made plenty of mistakes and since Quinn was a baby when I started him, I half expected him to take one look and go 'Oh thanks Mum' and then ever to be played with again... however Quinn watched me knitting the last bits and then Stripes was there waiting next to Quinn's breakfast bowl when he got up... so far he has gone to Kindy, been strapped in in the car, failed attempt at being put on the swings... he's gone almost everywhere with Quinn which is a nice surprise...

It's a little ... challenged... on the bottom bit and it's not exactly as the picture but it's finished. Yay!

The funny thing is it's called 'Luke the Lion' on the pattern but 'Luke' has stripes... so I think he's really a tiger... or confused, or something.  He's called 'Stripes', funnily enough, and between Mum and I, 'the Lioniger', due to his identity issues.  Also, there was no way I was making a 'sad' Stripes, so he has a smile and dodgy whisker dots.  Yay for a project finally completed!  What's on your list that you have just decided, darnit, I'm gonna get it done?


Tricia said...

He's cute :-)

I think I need a knitting project like that. I'm keen to learn (remember) how to knit this winter. Or perhaps a scarf is more suited to my knitting ability ;-)

Kristy said...

Tricia, don't worry. I think I'm more suited to scarves as well. Either that or very 'unique' animals and very... imaginative reading of patterns ha! :)

If you knit, no... WHEN you knit, please do post some pics on your blog :)

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