Friday, April 19, 2013

Bathroom Reno - Installment #2

Installment #1 began a while ago with a $25 basin top find at the local 'recycle yard'.  The reno got to that point and paused (that's a nice way to say, ground to a screaming halt).  Except to say by chance, that a storm meant water damage to the ceiling (the light became a water feature) and via insurance the light was fixed and the ceiling repainted.  Which is what insurance is for I gues, when there's storm damage but it also means no 'before' and 'after' photos of the ceiling which was pretty horrid... and one less (very major and icky) job to do on the 'to do list'.

I've been prepping on and off for the last two weeks and hopefully tomorrow get some paint on the walls.  There was a fair bit of prep work to do.  Still more tonight but that's for a little later on.  A few 'before' and 'current' pics - because the 'after' pics haven't had work finished for them yet.

next to bathtub 'before' - two cracked tiles and just messy

next to bathtub 'current' - broken tiles line removed, bathtub tiles regrouted, wall patched and sanded

still a heap more patching to do and sanding, then wet-area-silicone around the bathtub etc.  Eventually I'd like to paint the tiles so they come up like these ones before and after, but I have to see about getting the taps replaced first for the bath... which could be a challenge, I'm told because they're a bit 'past it'... anyway...

 Tassie oak door trim.  mm-hmm 'before'.  Enough said.

Tassie oak door trim + tile... 'current'

Now, don't get me wrong.  What I wanted to do was replace the entire piece of trim with a synethic wood moulding and paint it white.  But (a) budget didn't extend to that and (b) then I'd have to try and get the measurements right.  So I opted for (c) which is for now, making do with what I could find at home.  A tile from the basin project, cutting out the timber, cleaning it right out, vacuming and then sealing all the raw/exposed/cut timber before putting on the tile.  I would have liked to put a nice 'end finish' (ie router) on it but nevermind...  Yet to come is the wet-area siliconing so hopefully that will last long enough, until I get the synthetic wood trim...

With all the arguing I've done about painting and renos, I was rapt to find these.  Maybe it's just a 'feel good' compared to all the nasties involved in living in an average house full stop but it also does good as well so if I can find it, I'll certainly have a look at it.  I don't know enough about eco paints (yet) to use them in a wet area but it's another thing to look into.

The plan is to just get it clean, neat and functional.  No mega renos.  It might cost $150-$200 all up in paint and bits, of course using stuff we already had as well.  I also have some gift cards I won for Bunnings so that final cost will be even lower.  Paint the walls white, fix (or rather, put on some working ones) bath taps, new plug drain to match, then paint the wall tiles white.  Replace the shower curtain rail (it's rusty).  The brown floor will have to stay for now.  I figure if everything else is fresh and white, and with some nice fluffy towels and bath mat, it will be a major improvement on what it was without spending the usual that bathroom renos tend to cost.

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