Sunday, March 31, 2013

Empty Beds + New Baths - What To Plant?

Now is a bit slow in the garden.  Well, not slow I guess but a bit empty.

One bed was pulled because the tomatoes had something nasty and were karking it.  The second bed might go the same way but they are holding on and still producing.  The third bed I pulled because I wanted to put something else in and what was there was really an excuse for anything productive.  I left the spring onions and alyssum in there.

 Then there's the colourbond bed which is half planted, half freshly pulled.  Also a new bathtub bed that's in, levelled (well, unlevelled because it's draining to the pear tree) and half full (slowly accumulating organic stuff, paper and hay) and waiting for it's topping up with compost and other good stuff.

Then there are two more baths to go in.  They are in their 'pencilled in' positions but not levelled off or started filling.  These two will be a while off yet because I am wanting to line with black plastic as the baths are old and while they're not cast, I'm just not quite sure what they're made of so am happier with the black plastic in.  I have been offered some nuts amount of black plastic from a friend's project when they're done, so just waiting for that since I am lucky enough to be receiving it!

So that leaves, at the moment, 1 full bed, one large half bed and 1 full bath tub, ready for planting out.  I have a Bunnings voucher coming in the post, black plastic on hold coming and I need to get more straw and compost (since I don't have a tumbler yet), rake out the chook run and empty out the bottom of the worm farm.  That should get things started.

I am contemplating taking up the silverbeet out the back (best spot for them for summer) and using that for tomato, because I think the front needs a rest from tomato.  Silverbeet can't be out the front in summer because they cook, but out front in winter is fine.

I am thinking corn and beans, and more capsicum and perhaps some cucumber... but can't quite make up my mind.  So I am being forced (or not) to wait until I am able to purchase what I need, and until the gifted black plastic comes my way, but that's okay because then I get to try and figure out what to plant!

Ideas welcome - what are you planting out at the moment?

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