Thursday, March 07, 2013

North for a Bit

Only for a few hours but I will take any time I can get out of the city, almost.  Sand, sea, salt.  Good stuff.

little 'stream' with waterfall of sorts and kinda waves

This was funny - a kind of stream just from the tide being so far in.  And almost a 'horizontal waterfall' (though nothing like the Kimberley one) - that did have kind of breaking waves sometimes.  Boys thought that was great.

fresh fish holding 'tank' with water flow inlet/outlet

This was holding tank number two, version two.  We achieved a good water/oxygen flow and the fish were very happy there until release/prep for dinner.

sunset at the beach... nothing between you and the horizon except water and sunlight... yes, well... nuff said.

meeting the locals
I have to wonder, however possible or not possible it is, that this is the same seal they saw from the island some time ago and if it recognised the wetsuit and came in to see what the deal was.

eyes that make me smile

usually avoiding the camera
this time, they were all having a turn throwing themselves over the sand dune!  Hope you had a decent weekend and that wherever is a place you like to visit, you get to do so soon.

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