Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Localising Breakfast

Special breakfast one morning, after a sleepover movie night.  In attempts to localise our food a little bit more, this is what we ended up with for breakfast.

local milk - Bannister Downs and Sunnydale in glass
local honey - Swan Valley
local flour - WA owned (and made, I think, from the description on the pack - need to check further)
(very) local lemons
local eggs + one of ours -

Still working on the butter and the other stuff, never perfect!  I also want to increase my confidence in the products - so they might be local but I also want to know their ethics and their ingredients, eco responsibility etc.  Slowly slowly.  Some I already know and some I'm slowly finding info on.  Also trying to strike the balance between budget, ethics, and quantities.  ie we like to buy flour in 22kg bags so I can get organic in that quantity but not sure if I can get local at that amount, that kind of thing.

And don't worry, no one had Vege-Spread on their pancakes! lol but it was on the table for some reason.  Vege spread is our alternative to Vegemite which has ingredients that I've been told aren't permitted in some European countries, has numbers in it that I don't want my guys to eat and is made by Kraft.  So the next step is to try and find local butter and local yoghurt.  I have seen them but I just haven't tried them yet.  The other thing is we go through a LOT of butter with baking... so I need to do the 'balance' - cost, quality and ethics/local.  How do you make those choices?

oh and the 'Barn Brack/Barm Brack/Bairgin Brack' will be up tomorrow (from the Celtic Soda Bread/Currant Cake/Gingerbread post).


Amber said...

Oh wow really love your blog and all it has here. Think I have found a cyber soul mate LOL.
Really great stuff.

Kristy said...

Hi Amber. We're still so far away from our target, and still fail dismally in some areas, but we're trying :)

I achieve no where near as much as I would like on no where near as regular a basis as I would like.

Popped over to 'your place' and am liking what I'm reading. Something to aspire to :)

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