Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Market Day + Dinner + Celebration Biscuits

In pictures, Market Day today.   Started at 4.45am by adding the pre-measured water to the bread pans that had the ingredients put in them the night before.  I do this because it is tooo hard to measure out the right mls of water when your eyes are half shut at 4.45am lol.  Then into the machines and after I started the dough I went back to bed until just after 6am.  Up at 6 and start baking while doing lunches and getting kids ready for school.  First child out the door just after 7 (thankyou C!) to get the train, two more children out the door at 7.30 (thankyou S!) which just leaves the youngest home with me.  Keep baking.

Finished baking at 12.30pm. Kindy run to be at Kindy by 12.45.  Home for a little bit to finish off then to school at 2 to set up.  Do the Market Day, pack up, home by about 4.  At 5, put the bread pans in the breadmaker to do the dough for the pizzas for dinner.  I fill the dough pans when I am doing market day prep, and put them in the fridge so they are ready to add the water to when I get home from school in the afternoon.

Hot out of the oven and freshly glazed... yum!

The breadmaker beeps to tell me the dough is ready around 5pm, then it's making Dinner time. The ingredients are already cut up in the fridge from the market day baking (cut extra, grate extra), and with the dough ready in the bread maker, dinner is home made pizzas.  4 large trays (each pizza fills one large oven tray).  Then after dinner I realised it's Zeke's birthday celebration at school tomorrow so instead of cake, or the 'fruit cake' I did for him last year, this year I did 'Spice Eight Bicsuits' with natural 100s and 1000s.  I finished those at 8.30pm and then was out the door for a pickup after the performance and we got home from that run at about 10.30.  Then BED!  Rather a full day.

oh and unfortunately, the Hot Crossed Buns turned out very well.  I say unfortunately because they were calling my name and I thought I'd have one with a cuppa when I got in the door from Kindy drop off at 12.45.  Sadly, the cup of tea wasn't ready when I buttered the first one so I um... buttered a second one to go with the cuppa when it was finally made.  oops.

cinnamon scrolls

icing and sprinkling the 'bunnies'

eggs, chicks and 'bunnies'

I thought it might be nice to do up a few packs that people could take home and decorate how they wanted to.  Especially if they were booked up all weekend, it's something to do at least if you didn't have the time to bake the biscuits yourself. 

currant buttons on the gingerbread

mini pizzas

after first rising, crosses going on before heading into the oven

fresh out of the oven awaiting the glaze


oat biscuits/ANZAC biscuits

oh bliss... 5 minutes sit down with a hot cuppa and fresh bun...

from Quinn's Kindergarten for Easter

a little bulb waiting to be planted

And finally, Zeke's birthday celebration 'Spice Eight' biscuits.  Which could be any number for anyone I guess!  They kind of taste like the 'Paparkraus' (?) or something biscuit that you can get at IKEA.  Yum anyway.  Natural coloured 100s and 1000s.

The oven and dishwasher (which I am thankful for on Market Day) well and truly earnt their keep today!  A very satisfying little hobby and great for the kids.  So I think that's Tuesday well and truly done and dusted.  How was your Tuesday?


Lola Jones said...

what a productive day
they all look soooo yummy

Niki Jones said...

I've said it before & I'll say it again, you should open a shop. Seriously. How yummy do they all look. Your are one clever girl.
Albeit a busy one.

Kristy said...

thanks Lola :) x

hey Niki we must have been blog-hopping at the same time :) nah, couldn't open a shop and do that 7 days a week I don't think. One day maybe an eco-B&B... that I would love to do...
You can be my first guest lol x

Enchanted Moments said...

I love hearing about your market days....

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