Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautiful Toms (Now if Only I Could Stop the Plant Dying)

This is today's picking.  Very pleased.  I like the 'not-ginormous' standard tomatoes for sandwiches (no one ever used that 'last bit' when they cut a tomato and put the 'last bit' in the fridge) and I really am liking the very large Beams Yellow Pear cherry toms.  They're a great size and I am definitely keeping seeds from these.  Also on the plate, are the green zebra toms that taste like tomatoes (funny that), say my boys. Seed keeping from those too, yep.

The little lemon drop cherry toms are quite a pale lemon colour so much so that I thought they weren't ripe initially, but that's the colour they're meant to be.

Again, not enough to sustain us forever but I'll take what good comes from the garden and be thankful.  Just trying to remedy why perfectly healthy plants get to about x in growth and then start karking it.  Looking at magnesium or sulpher deficiency at the mo (yes, Niki, I really do need to test the soil) and combatting that hopefully with some Epsom Salts.  I also Seasol'd the veges and fruit trees today, since they're really probably due a feed.

Always feeding something eh... kids, garden.  Sometimes even ourselves if we're lucky!

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