Monday, March 18, 2013

RIP Bacon.

This week, our little flock went from five girls to four.  I can only guess at what the cause was, but when I found Ms Bacon (Isa Brown) there was nothing I could have done to save her and there was only one option.  I think I managed to be quick and efficient and I hope she's up there in the chooky place scratching around to her heart's content with Stripey (ISA Brown) and Psycho (Australorp).  We are now down to Spots, Snow White, Comby/Combless (who are all Leghorns) and Nicoal (Australorp).

flowers from the children

For the children, the eldest was home and knows the full story.  The other three children were out, thankfully.  I wanted to be honest but didn't want them to have to think about it further.  They know that Bacon got very sick, I couldn't do anything for her and she died.  For me, that's sufficient for now.

Unfortunately (or not, depending on how you look at it I guess) for me, now I know that if I have to, I can.   Not to take away from the fact that I really never want to have to, in the first place.

There were, of course, tears when the children heard the news, and questions.  And flowers, lots of flowers.  Just another experience of life and death, important but no less sad because she was a chook.  Just different.

RIP Bacon.


Anonymous said...

We've had chicken deaths here too. 2 silkies that drowned falling in the ducks pool, a few chicks from coccidiosis, one of which I shared with our children and just last week, our sick hen died. She'd been poorly and we'd been waiting to see if she would pull through but we'd decided to end her suffering but she was in a really bad way the one day we couldn't deal with her and we had to hold off. We came home to find she had gone. Her last hours were made as comfortable as they could be and she has been added to our small chicken graveyard. It's hard on the kids, especially our eldest who is really struggling with the whole death concept. He's 4.
I hope your children are all able to process what has happened and work through their grief. RIP Bacon.

Amber said...

Oh I am so so so sorry to hear that. I am like you when i loose one of my babies our whole family mourns big time. What a beautiful thing you are and a lucky chicken to have had that time with


Unknown said...

Ditto Kristy. It is never easy loosing a loved pet, especially chooks. They just get under your skin, one chooky antic at a time. I have a tear every time, and I am a grown man.

RIP Ms Bacon. x

Anonymous said...

You did well. I'm not too sure I could cope with having to deal with a cook at the moment. Although I want to learn how. My main concern is that I wouldn't do it properly and they'd suffer. Its on my to do list ;-)

Kristy said...

Thank you all. Even though it does happen, here's hoping it's not something any of us have to do very often.


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