Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quinn's 4th Birthday Party

The littlest guy turned four last week.  How about that.  We had his party at the 'new park' which is a pretty cool park with hammock swings, water play area etc.  It was rather warm, but that kind of worked in our favour because most people were obviously at home in their air-con.

Anyway.  It was a very very simple party.  Fruit.  Cake.  and kids!  With exams coming up and it having just been the first week of school, I really needed to keep it simple.  All that Quinn needed was a time to have fun with his friends.

oranges, watermelon wedges, fresh apricots (yum!) globe grapes, green seedless grapes, cherries and I can't remember what (or if) anthing else.

 edible glitter from the 'Cake Shop'

simple cake with imperfect frosting.  So much easier to go the 'rustic' look than to spend hours with the palette knife.  I know that's slack but I like the finish as well as it saving time!

this is the first thing the boys go to - and spend ages on it.  Later, a chant of 'fas-ter fas-ter!' could be heard.

'ne-ver smile at a croc--o-dile...'  looks like he's grinning, doesn't he!

 big kids and little kids

the water play feature is quite good - flows along and has little 'waterfall' outlets on the sides.  The kids can use the sand to 'dam' up an opening, to make the water flow on to the next one.  And it's a great activity on a hot day!  Safe water play, and fun.

Me too me too!  Pepper had a special invite.

I mentioned to bring towels for the kids (including big kids) and as it turned out, ALL the big kids got wet via the tap outside and the only a few of the 'littler' kids got wet!  Happy Birthday Quinn, and thankyou everyone for coming out in the warm, and helping celebrate with Quinn.  x


Niki Jones said...

Happy Birthday Quinn, I can't quite remember, but I think we share a birthday if my aging memory serves me correct. The party & fruit look amazing for a hot day.
Hope you had fun little one.
I had a lovely relaxed day just with my man & my boys, couldn't have been better.

Luv Niki x

Kristy said...

Hope you enjoyed your lovely relaxed day with your man and your boys, Niki. What am I saying - I am sure you did! Belated Birthday wishes from me :) xo

PS Q's is the 6th Feb. Heading over to you now to see what you've been up to :)

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!!!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful day!

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