Tuesday, February 26, 2013

24 Hours - Baking Effort

 In the last 24hours the kitchen has produced the following:

  • 8 x large pasta sauce (freezer and not all for us) - 2 without onion, 2 without green leafy veg and the rest with everything
  • heart shape chocolate cake for 6th Wedding Anniversary (been together 21 years this August)
  • 1 roast free range chicken with roast potato (dinner), which via the 'three meals one chook' also yielded:
  • moist chicken breast for wraps (freezer) and
  • enough stock to make home made chicken noodle soup (freezer).   That was last night.

For market day today:
  • 2/3doz oat biscuits, 
  • 2/3 dozen gingerbread, 
  • 32 mini pizzas, and 
  • at this stage 2 dozen cinnamon scrolls because some idiot (ie me) put the second pan of sweet dough in minus the water!  So added the water and going to see how it turns out.  (edit: so far so good!  So make that 4 dozen cinnamon scrolls)
  • oh and not last night but last week, froze and shared 3 batches of chocolate slice.

I don't really 'do' manicures (each to their own and a nice French polish does look pretty) but I just don't find it satsifying like baking and doing, so this is my 'enjoy' and thankfully it's also productive and economical.  My legs are pumpin' though lol so I might have a sit down this arvo and a cuppa for a minute or two!  Scratch that - found the rest of my 'to do' list - ha!

However, I realise I forgot to water the fruit n vege gardens this morning... mm-hm. 


Niki Jones said...

Wowza, well done love, great job. Cake looks AMAZING. Yummo. Oh now I feel like chocolate cake. Doh.

Enchanted Moments said...

I was telling my husband about your marathon cooking days, how you plan it all and one thing goes in after the other, and we spoke about the market day, can you just let me know what it is again..tuck shop at school...??

Kristy said...

Ta Niki. yeh... sorry re the chocolate cake! ;)

Re Market Day - no it's not 'tuck shop' as we don't have one, it's an after school thing where the community comes to sell/buy their cakes/meals/plants/whatever. It started for us with the kids as a way for them to earn some pocket money. So it's a little hobby for them/me really, I guess. Certainly only makes a little bit more than costs, but I like that the kids get to participate - check for ingredients, put dough together, serve at the stall etc

Enchanted Moments said...

What a great idea...our children only have tuck shop open two days a week, small school, but I find that is plenty...! Market day sounds like its a hit in your community, and you are right, the children not only like to contribute, but probably buy as well.!

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