Monday, February 25, 2013

Call-it-Watchya-Like - I Call It 'Yum'!

As a kid I never did like quiche.  Wierd icky stuff.  Now, it's a great quick and easy and yummy (and good for you) thing to make.  Except 3 of the kids don't like quiche.  Reading 'Just don't call it a quiche, mate' on Milkwood's blog this morning, reminded me of the pics I took while baking the other day.  I was doing a 'catchup'/lunch/treat bake as I hadn't done a proper bake since a couple of weeks before exams.  Ingredients were low so I didn't bake as much or the type of things I wanted to, but it was still satisfying.  One of the things I made was a quiche minus pastry - is that a frittata?  anyway...

Mine certainly didn't have home made bacon (or any bacon at all since it's not something one of us likes) or any meat at all for that matter.  A nice bit of silverside sizzled in olive oil would have been awesome in it.  

 Rather, the leftover steamed veg from the night before

 plus some silverbeet (red and green), capsicums and spring onions from the garden.  Local cheese, grated and sprinkled on top.  This is a cheddar, but tastes like a cross between mozarella, cheddar and with a hint of parmesan.  It's a little stretchy like mozarella too, which is quite nice.

salt and pepper and egg and milk (too much milk but I was low on eggs). 

Bake 'til golden and it's done.  Eat it hot (and try not to burn your mouth) or be smart and eat it not-quite-hot and then eat it cold from the fridge after that for breakfast the next day and lunch.  Content Belly.

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