Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easter Bunny Bread

Yeh, I know, the shops are at it early already but I saw this and just had to share it and will hopefully remember to MAKE it this Easter!  This is the photo that caught my attention on Facebook. 

The page it's linked to is Homesteading Self Sufficiency Survival's page.  I'm not so good with links on FB so I hope that works.  Anyway, brilliant simple idea that looks like it turns out well.  I thought I might use a sweet dough and see how it goes.  Or a savoury bun/bread dough.  Can't wait.  Might have to practice in the meantime!

As for 'wt?' re Easter, Eggs and Rabbits, well yes I know.  I did get passed a link to a story of Oestre, and I quite liked that explanation.  Whether or not you think it's true well, that's up to you and I'm not saying I think it is, but I just liked it for the story and some sort of explanation (mythical or not) of what the heck rabbits, eggs and Easter have to do with each other!

For information on Fairtrade chocolate for this coming Easter, here's a link to last year's Fairtrade Easter post - 'Easter This Year - Fairtrade and Homemade'.  I also note that Cadbury still seems like they will have their Fairtrade eggs this year, which is great.  Even better if they extend their Fairtrade range.

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