Friday, January 04, 2013

Banana is IN! + fruit tree list

This was my Christmas present this year from Kids and Husband.  Oh and three bags of poo (manure) and a bag of potting mix.  Isn't it a wonderful thing when bags of poo are a welcome Christmas present eh!
Jokes about poo and bulls were being made as I was lead out the back door on Christmas morning, with my eyes dutifully closed, with the child leading me so carefully ... into chook poo. ha!  thanks for that - THEY were so keen to get me round the corner to the potted present that they weren't watching where I was going!

Anyway, after the weather we have had finally it's been sane enough conditions to plant.  So here 'tis.  Actually should I say, ~I~ didn't plant this.  Very strange (nice though) but it was planted for me.

But this is how it started, first off... pavers were cut and lifted.  New border laid.  This opened up a little bit more dirt in which to put something to grow...

making it 'happy banana' soil - manure, compost and worm juice


anti-chook-dig device #1 (usually larger pavers or rocks)

straw mulch + prunings for moisture keeping and chook preventing

hopefully a happy banana palm...

Takes our list of fruit trees to twenty eight!  Which sounds like a lot (and it is, in that sense I guess) but only a few are at a good age to produce properly.  Some are still at the 'one or two fruit', stage.  But I look at it as that they are much older and producing more than if they weren't in the ground, and in a couple of years they will be producing more than if I hadn't planted them... which is why I decided a couple of years ago to 'just do it' despite all the reasons why not - because I kept thinking 'this has been on the 'want to' list for 5+yrs and if I had put them in 5+yrs ago, they would be on the edge of proper fruiting by now! patience it must be and the rewards are worth waiting for!

If I do a walk-around my garden in my head, the fruit trees that are in are:
  • lemonade (citrus)
  • red grapefruit
  • imperial mandarine
  • pomegranit
  • dwarf valencia orange
  • pomegranit
  • ortanique mandarine
  • dwarf pear (pretty face, cocktail pear)
  • dwarf pear corella
  • imperial mandarine
  • orange (washington/naval)
  • imperial mandarine
  • pomegranit
  • imperial mandarine
  • plum (santa rosa or ruby blood)
  • tahitian lime
  • angel peach/donut peach (Brenna's peach tree)
  • dwarf mango
  • plum santa rosa
  • dwarf avacado
  • orange washington/naval
  • banana
  • pinkerbelle apple
  • granny smith apple
  • pinkerbelle apple
  • black mulberry
  • lilli pilli x2
 and just hoping to fit a few more garden beds in and I think, with the massive shade tree in the backyard, plus the house/shed/patio, that's about all we can fit in terms of fruit trees... unless...
do we really need that shed, honey?

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Enchanted Moments said...

We are the same, I only planted a peach, nectarine and pear in the last two peach tree was my 40th birthday present, a lemon tree far I have picked two lemons and one nectarine! and we have been in this house for 15 years...why oh why....did we not just squeeze those trees and more in back then...????????????!!!!!!!!!! crazy
but, like you, its done now...and I am forever looking at space for where we can squeeze some dwarf varieties in too.

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