Thursday, January 03, 2013

(very) Mini-mods - Vehicle

these are nowhere near the 'vehicle mods' that you'll see on car forums.  I can do very basic stuff in terms of cars, but engine upgrades and the like are not in my skills box.  At all.

My mods are of the tiny, relatively insignificant kind. The back door in our vehicle was annoying me.  It's not that well thought out or maybe it's only meant for 'fluffy' stuff which is a bit ridiculous considering it's a 4wd... and ours most definitely does leave the bitumen...
anyway.  So enough is enough.  I saw a few good ideas on the forum but they weren't an option for me at the moment so this was what I did.

So here's the way it was (not) organised initially.  Fold up shovel, paper towel, salt, knife, trailer plug, screwdriver, toilet rolls, leather glove, soap and scrubbing brush (square yellow Tupperware container).

yeh... not so good... so I took all the stuff out.  mmm what can I use that I already have that fits there..? (ie zero outlay)... ah yes, the kids got a half dozen different cereals under the Christmas Tree this year, there'll be some boxes from that... and there was (usually the kids have Weetbix, poached eggs, toast, porridge or home made muesli).

well that looks tidier already but let's see if it can be a little less advertising when we open that back door, shall we?

taped the corners and top and bottom of the boxes for strength.  Leftover paint from another job.  Two tomato stakes so they could be painted easily and be left to dry...

do we really need the shovel in the back door?  Found an old bag that I didn't use any more that was sitting sad in the cupboard and asking for adventure.  In there went the shovel, the big spanner/crescent for the towball change, trailer plugs, knife etc.  Zipped up and now lives under the passenger front seat, which was previously a disused space.  Still easily accessable.

Boxes are in.  Left box holds toilet rolls and paper towel.  Centre yellow Tupperware container still has the soap and scrubbing brush (very handy after fishing, letting air out/putting air in tyres, grotty kids lol).  Right one now has some gaffa tape and the leather gloves.  The bag with the shovel under the front passenger seat now houses the tie down straps and a spare trailer plug, the mini tool kit that was in the cavernous centre console (more on that mini-mod later), spare plug for the tinnie etc  Oh and the upholstery on the back door got a wipe down with olive oil as well (much kinder than Armour-All!).

Cost: hot neck and a little time.  Bonus.


Niki said...

I love it. I have a little set up in ours too. Most definately toilet paper & hand sanitiser are in in my stash too. My car most definately leaves the bitumen too, to the point of falling apart. Ha. I have known people that won't take their 4wd off road because they are scared of a scratch. Makes me very puzzled. Ours has more side scratches than not. And loves a lovely long drive on a deserted beach. I must have a look over my outdoors stuff as we head off on a little up north trip soon to make sure I have the basics. Love the fruit posts too, our plums are delicious this year.

Kristy said...

Glad to hear your plums did well this year, Niki :)

LOL at the not wanting a scratch - after ours got re-everythinged from the hail storm I was thinking 'gee we better go down a dirt track real soon because this is looking like TOWN car lol'

Yeh. beach. gotta do. x

iheartorganizing said...

They look great! Such a smart solution! Who knew cereal boxes could be so cool and useful!?


Kristy said...

Thanks Jen. I'm off to check out your blog and see what else you've come up with for the humble cereal box. :)

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