Saturday, January 05, 2013

Another mini-mod (vehicle)

I previously had a go at doing something with the bottomless centre console in our vehicle, so that you don't lose your arm or a small child in there!  Anyway, after reading a few more ideas on a forum, I decided right that's it.  It's getting sorted once and for all.

Others had bought decor or homemaker baskets/containers.  Buying wasn't on the list this week so since I had already put two empty yoghurt containers in the bottom of the cavern (centre console), I wondered what else might fit on top of that.

Answer: Bulla 4litre icecream container fits.  great.

So it's got two yoghurt containers underneath which hold cable ties, headtorches, spare socks for Jujitsu (I kid you not), pens, scissors etc and then the icecream container holds the stuff we use more often (and I added some muesli bars this arvo - the 'got stuck at xyz' backups).  the bottom 'layer' also has the sewing kit, and the National Geographic DVDs.

2 yoghurt containers, DVDs on very bottom and sewing kit on the ledge.

4l icecream container sits on top of yogurt container levels
add head torches, pens, scissors, cable ties, spare socks for sport etc

add stuff, get rid of stuff that doesn't need to be in there.  add muesli bars later

Also checked the first aid kit that's in the car and took several bags of clothes and fabric to GSI to donate.  tick tick tick off the list.  Next!  Oh... yes.  this is a car mod.  I know, a car.  Something I think about often.  Still saving for my cargobike.

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Dani said...

LOL "lose a child in there". Well done - all neat and tidy as well as functional - recycling with a difference!

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