Friday, December 14, 2012

Rosemary n Ribbon (Napkin) Rings

I made these for the Grad Dinner. They're simple enough to make so here's the steps.

You will need:
  • card of your choice
  • ribbon/s of your size and choice (I chose a thin white and a thin silver)
  • hot glue gun or double sided tape
  • rosemary or other 'something' for the front (or none if you don't want it)

Measure your card and cut, depending on (a) how wide you want the rings and (b) how many people you're making settings for and (c) how thick your napkins are.  Once you've cut your card, cut the ribbon, slightly longer than the long side of the card.

Glue down the ribbons at one end, then the other.  As you go you'll work out your own technique.  I'd try and explain mine but apparently being left-handed and explaining things just makes it harder for people to follow!
Once you've glued down both ends of the ribbon, trim any overhang and choose the best 'end'.  This will be the end that you can see on the finished ring.  Then make the tube and overlap the ends, hot glue to secure.

then you just add whatever finish you want, or none if you prefer it.  I used rosemary sprigs but you could use anything - shells, buttons, bows, nappy pins, wrapped chocolates - whatever.  The list is as long as your imagination.  I do quite like it 'plain' actually, without any extra decoration.

Rosemary sprigs on and they're all done.

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