Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last... one...

Well you can read about an example of a standard market day baking day here, but this week was the last one until school starts again next year... and even then with Brooke being elsewhere for highschool, I am not sure how it would work... it's that mixed feeling - good to know I can have a bit of time off from a minimum 6hrs of (non'us' related) baking a week but at the same time missing it for other reasons.

Anyway, so much better starting the baking off at 5am (preload the bread pan the night before with the dry ingredients and put in the fridge.  At 5am when my alarm goes off, quietly sneak in and add the olive oil and water, put in breadmaker and start.  Reset alarm for 6.15am and go back to bed.  Pre-children I would not be able to go back to sleep like that.  Kids cured that and my body takes what it can get!).

So starting a few hours earlier means I am done by 1ish, with a few extra things to put out on the table, as well as labels, packaging, the lot.  Today's list for Market Day included:
  • individual pizza about 40
  • gingerbread people and stars about 30?
  • Oat/ANZAC biscuits about 20
  • silverbeet bunches with rosemary sprigs approx 7
  • cello bags cherry toms approx 200g each x 9
  • chocolate balls 6 per bag, 11 bags
  • capsi 2 in a bag, 2 bags
  • cinnamon scrolls 4 trays with each tray being about a dozen.
Last Market Day for 2012, done.

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