Sunday, December 02, 2012

Chocolate Slice - Women's Weekly Beautifuul Biscuits

Mum used to make this when I was little.  The once however often bake day, all day, where the kitchen smelt amazing, we got to stand on our little white chairs and watch at the bench, and lick the odd wooden spoon or bowl.  Thanks Mum for making all those cooking smells and tastes attach themselves to good memories.

Anyway, these are a favourite.  If you can get hold of the book Women's Weekly Beautiful Biscuits, that's where you'll find the recipe.  Or Google.  Good ol' Google!


Niki said...

Looks amazing. Love it. Doing some baking today myself. I have been a bit witchy so time to make amends, chocolate cake will do that.

Kristy said...

Aw Niki... hope that the rain made you smile and the chocolate cake did the trick x

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