Monday, November 26, 2012

Swap Surprises...

I participated in the swap over at Natural Suburbia, thankyou Linda! I am thinking that even with overseas post, the parcel to the person I am swapping with, should arrive soon to them.  I am a bit nervous - will the swapper like what I made for them..? will it arrive before Christmas, will it even arrive!?  I wanted to add an 'Aussie' touch to it but I didn't know what wouldn't make it through customs so I didn't.

Anyway, clearly I can't post pics of the finished item because then the swapper, if she clicks over here, will know.  So this is just a hint.  Once I know the parcel has arrived safe and sound, then I'll post some pics proper. 

It's also the first Christmas ornament swap I've done and the person I am swapping with is a very expert and skilled crafter so I don't know if my simple composition will be 'enough'... I hope so!  I chose a simple idea so I knew I could get it finished and that it would work, and be able to 'work' with whatever their household consisted of... so fingers crossed!

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Niki said...

I keep writing you long comments & then go to hit publish & blogger eats them. I will try again. Love all of your latest posts. Can't wait to see the Christmas Swap.
Hope all is good over your way, x

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