Friday, December 07, 2012

Home Made Icecream Sandwich - in Rounds - Mini-Creams

A friend from my first-time Mums group years ago used to make this version with Malto biscuits.  It's so so delicious but terribly moreish and depending what chocolate you mix in, very rich.  Not that that's a bad thing! This is how I've made them before - in a long dish and then cut them to serve.

Anyway, making up some as a dessert for a dinner this week and thought I'd try making them in 'rounds' using Arnotts Chocolate Ripple biscuits as the 'top and bottom', with Cadbury Fairtrade chocolate shaved into the mix.

Here's how it went.  First stop.  Ingredients.  1 x tin condensed milk (I know, it's Nestle... I may have to try making my own condensed milk from the recipe in 'Down To Earth' by Rhonda Hetzel next time), fresh cream (500ml), your choice of round biscuit and some Fairtrade chocolate, in this case, Cadbury. Simple as that.  Choose your biscuit and you're set.

Put one round biscuit into the bottom of each muffin paper.  Push it down and hope it stays there.

Then in a bowl put in 1 x tin condensed milk, 1 x 500ml cream and your choice of chocolate.  Beat for approx 2mins.  Double or triple the mix as required depending on how many you are making.

My pouring jug was otherwise busy so I used a measuring cup - hence the drips.  Pour the mix into your muffin papers on top of the biscuit and

 then place another biscuit on top.

 Allow to freeze for about 4hrs or make the day before and leave overnight in the freezer.
When you're ready to serve (they melt very quick), unmold or unwrap from the muffin paper, place on plate, top with whipped cream (I add a pinch of sugar to mine when I whip it) and grated chocolate.  If you grate the chocolate on a regular coarse cheese grater when the choc is room temp, you get nice little curls.

This is what they look like when they're cut, if the biscuits behave themselves.

If you really want your biscuits to be exactly in the right spot, I think it could work to put a biscuit in the wrapper, pour in just enough mix to go round the edges, freeze.  Then pour in most of the mix, and chill for a few minutes to get a skin then push the second biscuit in on top.  Then they shouldn't move as much, I think.

I then realised after I unmolded one from the muffin paper, that I had these Robert Gordon baking papers would fit better and give a more cylindrical shape when unmolded... which is what I was after. If you don't mind the fluted 'skirt' style then I guess that works too.

Also these Robert Gordon cupcake papers don't need a muffin tin as they stand up on their own, so you can put more on one flat tray (rather than using a 12 pan muffin tin), take up less space in the freezer.  These heart shape papers are from the Robert Gordon range - the Paper Eskimo ones are slightly narrower and not sure if they fit the biscuit.

and this is what the Robert Gordon papers reveal when you unmold them.

and this is what it looks like when you first cut into it...

As you can see in these ones, both biscuits went to the bottom.  You can try the 'biscuit behaviour modification' steps described above but in the end, it tastes just as good no matter where the biscuits settle!

You could also adapt these for any occasion just by how you finish them off.  Natural sprinkles for a more 'fun' finish, long curls of chocolate or toffee for a formal result, or something Christmassy for that occasion.  Anyway, make, freeze, enjoy!

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Lola Jones said...

MMM they look sooo yummy Kristy and like you say even if the biscuits sink they still taste the same!!!

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