Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Cauliflower that Grew Up (and then got eaten!)

here 'tis.  Well one of them anyway.  Tried to work out the time line between posts and it went from this on 17th Sept

to this aroundabout 26-28th Sept.  Not a bad effort.  Once they took off they just took off!

(apologies for the second pic quality - inside at night) Actually, this is a different cauli from the first pic but they were roughly the same size (this one being slightly behind the first one) so really the other one was ready sooner and I gave that one to a friend when she came over.
anyhoo.  yay for first ever successful cauli!


Niki said...

Hey Kristy, how are you love, so on the MB12BT. I love it. I have managed to lose 7 kilos already & I am only on the beginning of week 6. I've found the meal plans great. Not that expensive. I think if you have never really cooked then it would be expensive to start, but as Mums & meal makers, I found I had most of the sauces, spices etc already. The fresh stuff is just the normal stuff I would normally buy, but with some different ideas on how to cook it. IYKWIM. If there is something on the menu I just know I won't enjoy or will be a waste for the kids I make protein & salad & put some potatoes with it for the kids. It still keeps the meal to around 300 cals. But this is not very often & I have found most recipes delicious. I was following the fitness plan everyday, but fell off of the wagon, when I hurt my back & just walked everyday till it felt better, which is only just happening now. I can't wait to start the exercise plan again when we get back from our holiday. As long as you walk/ride or whatever everyday or so it still falls off.
The whole process has been very positve & loved the preseason tasks. It got me in the right mindset. What can I say, finally something seems to be working for me. I think, like me, you have a handle on it, its what we do, as we lead very healthy family centre lives, but it is just a very gentle nudge that is supporting YOU. Not something that involves the whole family per se & it feels good.

Anonymous said...

That is great that you are growing your own veggies. My veggie patch is not very healthy at the moment!

Kristy said...

Hey Niki... the books got picked up from the library today :) I've done my online WW order AND I am making a time to go get me some shoes ('runners') that don't hurt my feet...

look out world! lol

ps don't know if you'll get this so will pop in over at 'your place' and leave a message. Yell out if you want to walk or swim sometime - always nice for a chat!

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