Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yum... (but shh it's good for you too)

This was breakfast this morning.  Really only a slight variation on how I normally do my poached eggs (omitting the butter, adding the silverbeet from the garden), so not noticeable really and it tasted great.  Bit of salt n pepper and mmm.  Oh, and how cool will it be when all the green tomatoes on the plants are red and ready to rock the kitchen... yeh, I'll be adding those to breakfast you can count on that!

If it's not gonna taste good, then it's a no from me.  Silverbeet from the garden, quick wilted before serving was surprsingly not very noticable in the mix, and a good way to get some greens into the start of the day.

Thanks to the girls ie chooks, for starting to lay again (they started laying the very next day after the shortest day of the year, know something those chickens do!).

Dinner was a 'chicke-strone' soup (home made chicken stock and some sort of variation on minestrone soup).  Yum!  To top that off, tonight at the shop I found a bread that is extremely low in 'calories' (that word is odd lol) and sugar, and no wheat AND it's all natural stuff and it's spelt (which I am yet to learn more about but the bread people tell me is good).  Bring it on!

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