Friday, September 21, 2012

Yellow for a Special Birthday today

Five years ago today, a tiny little Brenna baby girl was born. for making Brenna's Birthday cupcakes, I decided to go with yellow. 

There were yellow lemons on the bench, yellow and white flowers in the vase.  Lemon cupcakes I decided.  Used this recipe from and completely didn't follow the method, rather put the whole lot in the bowl and whizzed it.  It worked :) but I am sure it would have been a lot lighter had I followed the method.  I was just aware of the time and needing to be at school in time for Zeke's Class Play performance.

Despite wondering if they would turn out at all, the cupcakes are made ready to sing Happy Birthday tonight.

later this afternoon, when the boys were home from swimming, Brooke called everyone in the kitchen to show what she has been working on, now finished.  She had finished it earlier in the term but had been keeping it aside until today.

Class 7s make their very own doll from scratch, all the children make one, both boys and girls.  Most of the time they make one that resembles themselves... however Brooke did hers as 'Brenna'.  She's done a lovely job and you could see she was really pleased with the work she put in and how it turned out.

And this was the gist of the conversation with Quinn this afternoon, as I was making and decorating the cupcakes.
[me, that the cupcakes were for Brenna's birthday]
Quinn: but she's dead [as in, how will that work, Mum?]
Me: yes, she is.  Sometimes though even when someone's not here, we celebrate their birthday to remember them, because they're someone special.
Quinn: but how will she hear us singing Happy Birthday?
Me: well, I think that when we're singing, she'll be up there with the clouds and the stars, because she's an Angel, and she'll hear us
Quinn: but how will she eat her cake then?
Me: well, she can't.  We will all share it together for her, because it's her birthday.

very matter of fact.  Just trying to understand how it all works.

Birthday wishes Brenna. Miss you as always and wonder what life would be like with you here, and what you would look, sound and be like... and what our family photo would look like with ALL of us in it together for a change.

xo Love, Mum.

eta the cupcakes are just simple white, with yellow ribbon round (double sided craft/card making tape) and little matching bow on the front. 

Easy enough to make and I think they look quite effective.  There is edible yellow glitter on the top but it's a bit hard to see :)


Enchanted Moments said...

I love that your whole family celebrates this special day together...the more you talk and keep her close, she will be part of your family forever...xx

Niki said...

Sorry meant to say 'can't believe'.
Luv Niki x x x

Lesley said...

Thinking of you all on Brenna's birthday. So many years have past, and many more to come, I am sure that she will always look down on you from above <3

Anonymous said...

What a special birthday celebration! Your words and sentiment have made me very teary.

I am very familiar with the conversation you had about your daughter Brenna, with your son.

We also have had a special baby girl leave us and we often have similar conversations.

I am sure there are many special angels playing together up in heaven.


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