Monday, October 22, 2012

Protective Custody for Peaches

One year we had no fruit fly, second year we had fruit fly or some buggy grubby thing.  Last year we didn't have fruit fly and we got to enjoy THIS beauty.  One peach (Angel Peach - donut peach bought on Brenna's birthday years ago) between six people but oh that little bit was BLISS!

I managed not to kill the tree when I pruned it (always a bonus!) and this year had heaps of blossoms on and tiny fruit began.  However, two days of gale force winds at the wrong time and there are only a few peaches left on the most sheltered side of the tree.  So as much as I would love to just let the peaches ripen in the sun I actually want to EAT them this year.

prior to being 'taken in' to custody
one of the 'free range' peaches
 I have put two peaches in 'protective custody' and left a couple of 'control' peaches 'free ranging' on the tree.  I hope there's enough air circulating that nothing icky grows.  I think it won't bother the peaches themselves too much (I hope!) as the tree is feeding them etc much like how strawberries hide under the strawberry plant leaves.

the wire 'tunnel' for the stocking to go over

Anyway, so this is the 'method of incarceration'.  Thanks to my 'old stockings' supplier ;) for the old stockings to do the job with.  I was initially going to just put the stocking over that part of the branch but it made everything too cramped - the stocking needed something to hold it open.  So some wire cutters and some old scrap wire mesh for a 'tunnel' and then the stocking carefully over that.

silhouette of peach inside, see 'im?
 Without managing to stab myself with the wire (yes, I know, gloves you should wear, my young apprentice) here 'tis with the stocking tied firmly (but not too tight) at the other end.  See how we go!

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