Sunday, October 21, 2012

Third Lyre Beginnings

The beginnings of the third lyre - this one for Zeke.  In Class One, the parents make a lyre for their children.  Further down the post, you can see the ones we have already made for Brooke and Jake.

 A small group of parents got together and did the template making.  Now we're up to 5 workshops, 4 hours on a weekend, to finish the lyre.

Brooke's lyre, Jake's lyre and Zeke's lyre - work in progess.

 Jake's lyre was done at a different workshop with a different leader, hence the different shape.  As you can see, Zeke's lyre will finish in much the same shape as Jake's lyre.  The light wasn't so good but the wood is beautiful as you can see in some of the pictures here.

Brooke's lyre has a dolphin with 'wave burning' on it and Jake's lyre has a shape which is symbolic of this painting that he did at school when he was in 6 years old, of baby in utero - Brenna.

 Zeke just has to choose what picture/shape he would like for the sound box on his lyre.

I managed to do quite a bit of Brooke's lyre workshops, no workshops of Jake's but sanding at home and after exams, I hope to do some workshops for Zeke's lyre.  It's pretty amazing to think that us average people can make a quality working musical instrument... certainly not something I ever thought I would do once in my life, let alone four times - as we still have lyre making for Quinn to come in a few years time!

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