Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Babies of the Mango Kind

Second year (dwarf) mango, fruit on again.  Last year we got one from the tree (which technically I should have pulled off as a flower but I so wanted to see if they would actually grow).  This year I hope some of them make it to full size.  It's a little tree still but we feed it, and when the fruit come on, we'll put a crate underneath them to take the weight off the tree, like we did last year.

and plums.  yay for home grown plums.  Yay for home grown anything, really.  Beyond delicious!

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Linda Woodrow said...

Our trees look like that too. I am hopeful! Mangoes are bi-ennial and this is the good year, so if we can get enough water to them over this very dry spring, we may be looking at a good season. So happy. Love mangoes.

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