Monday, September 17, 2012

Good news from the garden... and Blogger

Blogger has finally let me back in.  Apparently Blogger (that I do SeeMyFootprints with) and another place that I have an account with, use the same 'thingo' and apparently, even though I am a completely different person on both of them, because they run off the same thing, they can't handle having two separate log ins, despite me going through the tech people to enable multiple sign in blah blah blah.  So I just gave up for a bit.  Too many other things on the plate.

anyway... the good news from the garden

cauliflower.  I have never been able to grow them and look look look!  They are only liddle at the moment but so cute!  We should get a good dozen, maybe 2doz heads off the plants that are in.  I have been checking the plants at the other end of the bed when I water, but not finding anything.  These plants are the furthest north so apparently, they 'make' first! :)

Also, our first real bunch of carrots.  These are the round ones so they don't have to get too long or take too long for the kids (actually, me!) to wait for to be ready! lol

brocolli.  Still coming on strong.

Brenna's Angel Peach - beautiful this time of year

all the plums are flowering (Mum spotted the cameo by the little flying guy in the middle of this pic)

all the citrus are going nuts, mulberry ditto, tomato, avacado -

everything in the garden knows what time of year it is.  And the girls started laying again the very next day after winter solstice (that's the shortest day of the year, right?).


 That said there is HEAPS to do.  In the garden, for UNI, at home, with the kids, in general and on and on it goes.  Also, while the pics are great, we're not growing enough in the garden to supply all our f&v but the feeling of contentment I get from growing what we do, is worth it.  The garden really is good for me and not just for eating from.  Hope you're enjoying whatever season you're up to, wherever you are :)

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Lesley said...

yah, yah and yah :D

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