Saturday, February 25, 2012

Small... but I accept

My successes are rather small these days. So I am grateful for the small ones when they come. Gives you a bit of hope!

the inside of our first pumpkin, cut a week or two after picking, to make sunshine soup.

There are about 6- more (QLD blue and Jap) on the vines and more coming on. yay!

did we really need three photos of brocolli?

Well no, not really but yes. Because the plants were nearly chook food. I planted these at the same time I planted the corn that were cooked and on the table in late Jan... The corn and the broc both came up. The corn did it's thing, grew cobs, we ate 'em and now composting the stalks.

There are now tomato plants in where the corn were and they are fruiting...
the broc I thought didn't have a chance. they were like lace doilies - they got eaten on every leaf until they were like little skeleton plants. mmm... should feed em to the chooks I thought... nah, leave them there... and now the recent lot of leaves are all untouched and there are heads on - well over month after the corn! So I guess they just needed to be planted once all the 'pest' bugs had gone through their cycle. This is the first time broc have ever successfully grown in our gardens. rapt.

On another note, the eggplant, planted at the same time as the corn and the broc, that never sprouted... one has now come up. Who knows. And the cucumber

have all come and gone (and are just coming) in their own time as well. So planting the same kind of plant together, but different varieties, will stagger the result without having to stagger the planting... if that makes sense.

And last but not least. Another flower on the pommegranit.

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