Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quinn turned THREE in February

My littlest son turned three on the 6th of February. I was going for simple this time round. Just something little for my littlest boy, in a great little park, with a handful of people who will take the time to do things with him, make him feel special and make him smile. There were a couple of people who couldn't make it on the day due to Church and Family reasons, and we did miss them!

and simple it was.


ready for the oven

Home made cinnamon-jam scrolls.

Ice cream in mini-waffle cones (we had the fridge/freezer in the car)

and cake. Vanilla on the bottom and banana layer on the top

Water, with stainless cups and paper retro striped straws. You can see the straws
on the left of the pic above. The 'flags' for the top of the cake are made using some
retro popcorn bags I had left from another party.

Thankyou bags

sultanas for the thankyou bags, notebooks,
a few chocolates, bubbles and something else I can't recall now!

from the 'S Family' - felt dolphin hand made by C.
Quinn also received a lovely 'him' sized broom, some
very nice-to-use crayons in a case (which he loves)
and a little people Guess Who game.

But he was chuffed mostly because finally hit was his turn and people were singing happy birthday to him. He was grinning his nut off at 'Happy Birthday' singing time, and jumping up and down with excitement.

The sweetest thing in a round-a-bout way was that in the morning, Zeke and Quinn were having a disagreement (no, really?!) and Zeke declared he wasn't coming to Quinn's party. Quinn was so upset that Zeke wasn't coming and would miss out... lol he was only calmed down when we assured him that Zeke was in fact coming, and wouldn't miss out...

& yes I am a little late in posting the pics. I thought I already had!

Regardless, Quinn had a great time - Happy Birthday mate - my big little boy! xo


Niki said...

Happy birthday for the 6th little man, I can not believe 3 years has gone by. Scary how time flies. Looks like a beautiful party for a beautiful liitle boy

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Quinn, what a wonderful day it looks like! Wow and 3 years where did that go???

Tricia said...

Love the simplicity of his party. The jam scrolls look delicious.

I've tried for simple parties in the past - but have failed each time. I'm determined to suceed this year.

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