Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crayon Roll - Zeke and Nanna together

Being in Class 1 this year, Zeke needed a crayon roll for his block crayons, and his stick crayons to come.

Mum he said, 'I need a crayon roll for school'.
I said I'd make him one.
His reply: 'But that will take aaaaaaaaages Mummy'.
...Yes mate, I know... Mummy is not the fastest one sometimes when the 'to do' list is long.

and then... Hooray for my Mum - she's rather a Mary Poppins (although no long dress or songs about spoonfuls of sugar) - efficient, more than competent, cheery, seems to walk in and things magically 'behave' and tidy themselves - not really, but it feels like that sometimes and of course, she seems to get ever more done than I do in a normal day ... though when it's both of us together we get LOTS done and enjoy each other's company while we're doing it.

So on request (because aren't we lucky!) Mum sewed two name plates on her machine for Zeke before she came... and she bought them with her...

when she travelled down for work and... a little sewing time was scheduled for the non-work hours - yippee! Coincidentally, Zeke chose two greens in felt, from the school shop, to make his pencil roll from.

Zeke wanted one like his classmate's - where the stick crayons and the block crayons can go in together. Since we had two pieces of felt, we needed to join them. The larger hand felted rainbow felt in the school shop was ~beautiful~ but I couldn't do the price, hence two smaller plain felt pieces that we joined.

Marking out together Zeke and Nanna

Some sewing together.

Zeke's finished crayon case. A morning's sewing with his Nanna and a very functional project completed.


finished (surname removed hence the blank spot!)

His big brother Jake had already knitted him a pencil case for Christmas (2011).

- pencils coming much later in the year for Class One.
Mum had made a second 'name plate' on the sewing machine and it was perfect for the pencil case.

sewing on the name plate

pencil case with name plate complete!

thanks Mum (Nanna) for taking the time to make this with Zeke, and being patient with him while he (and Quinn!) helped. And thankyou for my new (to me) machine, that I inherited when you bought your new one :)

We made up our pattern for the pencil roll using these links with thanks:
Days with Daniel
Noddy Boom
Our Quiet Place
Wee Folk, specifically this pic


Lesley said...

Just gorgeous, well done Zeke and Nanna. Got to love those Nanna's, grandmas and grannies for helping out.

Kristy said...

I know... my Mum rocks! LOL
they did a good job together didn't they :)

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