Sunday, March 04, 2012

Guys... why is Obi-Wan in the fridge? (and other things)

Things always look more productive from your day when they're grouped together in pics don't you think? lol

So today. Roast (free range) chicken in the oven. Nope, not one of our girls. Thankfully and unfortunately all at the same time...

Completed with roast home grown 'QLD Blue' pumpkin, and (not home grown) carrot, sweet potato, potato, sweet corn kernels (alas, no peas!) and spring onions. Oh, and home made gravy from the pan juices (well... bag juices I guess you could say). I prefer to season my own so just use the bags. In the bag with the chook was minced garlic, a seasoning spice, and a sprig of our rosemary.

biscuits from Rhonda Hetzel's 'Down To Earth book' (from her blog of the same name), recipes in the back. Simple, doesn't need eggs (bonus on the days the girls haven't laid much or we've already baked up a storm, or if we need to save them for market day baking), very variable. Tastes good. done.

Strawberry jam drops, Apricot Jam drops, choc chip (the last few in the pack in the fridge), 100s and 1000s (natural ones) sprinkle biscuits for Mr 'I-don't-like-jam-or-white-chocolate'.
Funnily enough I have made 'perfect' jam drops before (cut the circle out in the middle with a little cutter, lifted out the piece, placed the jam etc) but these are simple 'push in your thumb' and the best bit? Whether you like rustic biscuits or not, you get more sticky jam this way, in each bite, than if you do perfect little circles! ha! bonus!

while I was out yesterday, a certain small person picked one of the Jap Pumpkins.

Presented it to Daddy who was not impressed that he had picked it. Later apologised to me for picking it without asking etc (they weren't ready). But it really is lovely looking

and I hope the inside is ready enough when we cut it.

Oh... the Obi Wan reference? Let's say it's not the strangest thing I've said as a parent, but not one I really anticipated either. Usually it's instruction someone to put various parts of their anatomy back where they belong and eat their Weetbix... or for safety reasons yes we do need to wear pants when eating hot pasta!

Anyway, today I open the fridge and there behind the milk is Obi Wan (the figurine of course!). Hence my:
'Guys!... what is Obi Wan doing in the fridge?!'
yes. just another day in our house.

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Niki said...

Wow you are cooking up a storm. Looks fantastic.
We are a the end of our garden produce at the moment. But we have a few passionfruits on the vine & a few capsicums to pick. Oh and a few pumpkins too. Can't wait for winters nights with hot pumpkin soup & big fluffy rolls with butter. Oh yeah.

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