Sunday, January 22, 2012

corn, liddlekin and biggerkin

Something about growing corn just makes me feel good.

and bonus for those things you never even planted, that are growing and growing well.
Like these:

Smallkin... Kent pumpkins?
or a melon?

and what's in here?

Ah biggerkin! (Jarradale pumpkin?)

I just need to be patient enough to wait until the corn are ready lol I peeked and while the silks are browned, the corn itself is still white... that said I planted three varieties and probably should check that I didn't plant one of those 'kinda white' corns haha.

pulled out one lot of finished toms, getting that bathtub bed ready for whatever goes in there next... time to go through the seed packets and see what I might like to put in. Trying to grow the 'all the time' things we use - capsi, lettuce, tomato, etc and then go from there for some fun and try new things

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