Thursday, January 19, 2012

My rough weekly/daily set-out.

This is roughly how I try and aim for 'smooth n sane'. Also, so I don't forget to do things and so that 'not quite daily' things don't get forgotten until they've not been done for months.

I tried to keep it small and simple. I also hope that if I was out of action for a little bit (or had an intensive unit for UNI), it means that someone else could pick it up and run with it - not because mine is the only way of doing things but rather because I've been doing it for a while I've had the chance to see what works and what doesn't, and what things need doing. So, a bit like walking into a job with no briefing, vs walking into a job with some briefing. You'll probably change things up a little bit but at least you had something to start with, rather than being in the 'deep end'. That was the thinking anyway + the organising value for me.

It's a combination of FLYlady and SuperOrganiserMum. The little clipboard was about $1.40 or something from Officeworks and was the only one I could find with some eco-claims on it. It's roughly half A4 size (not sure what the correct office term is for that). PS the stainless steel secret is newborn microfibre inserts from the Bumgenius nappies lol one quick wipe and it's done, no drying and no streaking).

Sometimes even if you don't get all the list done, the one benefit that does come is that you've cleared your brain of all the 'clutter'. One less thing zipping around in there that you're trying to remember. A good thing.

So the plan contains things to do daily (broken down), weekly and zones

the zones mean I don't have to list every little thing and figure out where to fit it in. I just do 15mins the 'zone' for that week - whatever it might be that needs doing.

The kids have one morning job + one afternoon job that they are responsible for.
They are responsible too for their own things (pack away after self), lunchboxes to sink (I don't wash mouldy ones, empty it out and squirt it out yourself), clothes to laundry (not in the laundry, doesn't get washed), sorting their own socks etc.
Sometimes I have to remind them, sometimes not. Sometimes it's a breeze, sometimes not. But I have to start somewhere with them, and remember that six people live here. People can pick up after themselves and contribute.

The other thing I try and remember is, even if it doesn't all get done according to the plan, that's ok. Because next week, it starts fresh. And even if it doesn't get done that week, it's on the list so it will get done eventually, as opposed to never even making a list that didn't exist, and getting forgotten to be done for months on end. FLYing means less cleaning. And for me, that means more time to do things with the kids, to bake, garden and to study.

The thing I have found (a challenge, because I am really a night owl) is that I have to go to bed earlier (than midnight/1am) and get up earlier - which has been easy enough with Master2 getting up between 5-6am but not so easy if you only went to bed at 1 or 2am. So no more of that. I also have to try and find a way to fit more study in. Starting at 8.30 weekdays means really only 2.5/3hrs available to study before I need to be in bed. I can start a little earlier on the weekend nights, but only if the situation permits. So any ideas there would be awesome.

So yes, it does all go to poo sometimes but nothing's perfect. If you've got any ripper planner/organising ideas, please do share! :)

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Lola said...

Looks like a simple way to organise a very busy family

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