Saturday, December 10, 2011

All hand done by Master 6

Here's Zeke's craft projects he finished last week at school. He is very chuffed with it. I am very proud of him - there's a lot of work gone into it, it's quite neatly done I think for his age (6) and he finished it. It's really very sturdy and I think will hold up to it's uses well :)

front with toggle fastening
The main of the bag is done using stick weaving. The handle is done by 'twisties'.

bell detail on the front, curved lower edge of flap
and little tassles either side of the toggle closure

flap open

about to close the flap and turn the bag over

inside the bag. The bottom is the 'brown' that you can see

back of bag

a little purse of sorts - front



and his felt-wrapped crystal treasure that goes inside it.

I am looking forward to seeing what other things the children bring home - Brooke is making a bowl in woodwork, Jake a pencil case (that he's decided to give to Zeke for Christmas), Brooke a handmade doll and I'm sure lots of other creations as well!
One more week of school to go. Am very much looking forward to the school holidays!


Lesley said...

Oh they are just beautiful you must be very proud of him

Kristy said...

*grin* yep, and thankyou!

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