Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sparkling Stars, Lemon Meringue, Sugar Topped and more...

More baking this week for Market Day.

Lemon Meringue (creamy rather than tangy lemon curd). Brooke did the pastry, Michael did the lemon curd and I did the meringue.

before the oven
(I love the white of the whites!)


all cut

and ready to go

pizza of course

sparkling stars - the sparkle is just castor sugar
the dough is from the Star Wars 'Cookies' recipe that was included with the cutters.
It's a very good recipe for keeping biscuit shapes and fine details.

ANZAC biscuits (from the Women's Weekly Beautiful Biscuits book)

sugar topped banana muffins (recipe from the old CWA cookbook I think)

Not the best pics depending on the light, but a brilliant way to spend a thunder and lightning rainy day in summer!


Niki said...

Seriously Kristy, that all looks amazing. I've said it before & I'll say it again, your kids are sooo lucky to have such a wonderful mama. And one that can cook like that, Ah-maze-zing. That is all.

Lesley said...

Lemon Meringue is my FAVOURITE!!!!!

Kristy said...

You're too kind Niki! I just follow the recipes lol

Lesley - when you're in WA next, yell out - I'm sure I can arrange one ;)

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