Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tomato Frog and more tomatoes

I went to bring in the tomatoes, to cut them off the plant and as I went in with teh scissors thought 'oooh, looks like a little pair of eyes in there... oh... it IS a little pair of eyes in there!'

Here's our friend the frog on our lovely red tomatoes.

s/he is just so cute! Look, all tucked up...

& just some of the harvest in the last few days. These are the massive tomatoes that I'm not so keen on becuase they usually take ages to grow and ripen. However, these were self seeded from the compost so I can't complain. Also a few cherry toms from the other plant. We also a mid size tomato plant that's just started fruiting, some other cherry ones and some zebra stripe green tomato plants that have just sprouted.

With the warm weather and a humid wet day now and then, they're having a ball.

There's more plant eating bugs in the garden this season than last year, by far. But there's also more beneficial bugs in the garden too. So I figure if I plant lots, they surely can't eat it all... right?

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Linda Woodrow said...

Tomato frog is likely getting a feast out of the more bugs in the garden too. I think if I were a frog, sitting on a ripe tomato just daring a fruit fly to come along would be my idea of heaven!

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