Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Finally. Light in the tunnel.

After a few recommendations by other bloggers, I too have read the book 'The Great Disruption' by Paul Gilding.

You know when people say 'if you only ever read one book?' - well I think then you would be missing out... but that aside IF you only ever read one book - read this one.
This is not another 'end of the world due to climate change' books. Not quite.

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Simple fact is it's not about 'what doom and gloom is to come' because it's already here, we're already in it, xyz are the factors that got us here and where that will take us if left on it's current course. So what are we going to do about it?

Other reasons the book appeals:
  • facts. There's plenty of them.
  • background. Paul isn't a guy sitting in a tin shed musing out loud (hey, lots of good things come out of tin sheds but you know what I mean). He's been and seen and done and heard and taught and learnt. Everything that's out there has been gathered into one book and when you read on this stuff you want to know it comes from someone who has the knowledge, from all sides.
  • it's not just linear - it covers all the questions and thoughts and ideas that branch out from each of the linear steps.
  • it illustrates companies who think outside the box, where it gets them. The idea that sustainability oughtn't be treated as an annoying and costly compliance issue, but rather as a competitive edge in what will be a changing market (for our survival as a society/race).
  • answers the 'why haven't we sorted it out already' and 'what will it take when 'we' pass the denial stage'.

And I love the facts that are in it. We're already as a world operating using 1.4 planets worth of capcity. But we are only on ONE planet. That cannot, does not, and is not, working. It's simple maths, as I said to my lecturer just a few weeks ago as he challenged the notion of 'food miles'.

So yeh, find it at a library, borrow it from someone, buy it - whatever. Read it. Pass it on, share it round. However you do it (legally of course!) just do it!

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dixiebelle said...

Oh, I am so glad you read it!!

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