Monday, March 17, 2008

And from Jurien we return...

Pictures and sights, what we did and our favourites, from our weekend at Jurien... coming! Of course won't post phots of the kids, which is a bummer coz there's some great ones, but plenty of others to share too.

Had to put this picture in, one of my favourites... A starfish found at Sandy Bay, photo taken with starfish under the water.

So while we were away we got to go fishing each night (yay for bites on the line and actually catching some!) and almost each day. Swam. Animals we saw starfish, emus, fish, and a friendly seal who came to check out who these nobbs on the beach were (that'd be us) - which of course had three kids sitting on the beach all going 'orgh orgh orgh' being seals and talking back to it. Woulda confused me if I was a seal!
There was games of eye spy (by colour or by beginning letter). We bought the cards but didn't play. There was a 'float' swing out the front which got a lot of attention, plus some heavy machinery on the block next door when we arrived which pleased the boys. Lots of walking on the beach too...
Pretty much by the time we got back from fishing, cleaned up and ate, the kids were zonked and we weren't far behind them - that contented 'stuffed' lol - when you know you've done a good day's worth of activities and thoroughly deserve your sleep, and are lucky enough to have a full belly to boot!
Thankyou to Grandma and Grandad for making this weekend possible!

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