Tuesday, November 08, 2011

pizza, muffins, biscuits, gingerbread...

Just a random little bit of 'satisfaction' kinda post... The last 24hrs effort in the kitchen is
  • 4 dozen large banana muffins
  • 32 mini pizzas
  • 30 ANZAC biscuits
  • 20 Gingerbread
  • one organic lamb shank casserole in the slow cooker
  • one bulk pasta sauce w veges on the stove.
  • plus dinner last night of course!
  • and we may yet have home made focaccia and salad for dinner tonight... will see. Perhaps focaccia with the lamb shank casserole... will see...
I dream of our Solar Oven so that I can do all the above without using any grid-based power... *happy sigh* how cool would that be!

In the meantime, it smells soooo nice in here! I enjoy baking and cooking and doing it in bulk really helps - the dinners for us and the baking for Market Day/teachers and us. Brooke does the dough for Market Day (Jake sometimes does shortbread) for the biscuits, the breadmaker does the pizza dough. The children 'man' the stall in the afternoons, then they receive a share in the takings, after expenses - so that's their pocket money. I like it because it means they have to do things apart from Family/team work at home, which is generally regarded as 'because it's how it works/right thing to do/contributing', rather than pocket money.

Happy baking!

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