Saturday, August 20, 2011

Write to the Premier, Write to the Companies...

From the 'Save the Kimberley' site - ( <---- links to the home page). There are petitions you can sign and letters you can send - see the right hand side 'ONLINE CAMPAIGNS'. Speak!

Despite an international outcry, the Western Australian Premier, Barnett, has offered robust support for bringing heavy industry and large scale mining operations into one of the world's last and great wilderness regions; the Kimberley, in Australia's north west.

This beautiful, untamed part of Australia is home to a vast range of wildlife, with many species under threat. It holds amazing sites of cultural signifcance dating back 40,000 years and offers the local Indigenous people the opportunity to develop many small scale eco tourism ventures and a sustainable lifestyle.

Premier Barnett not only proposes to bring development into this magnificent region, he has threatened to override the power of veto, which belongs to the traditional owners, for development on their ancestoral homelands. There is no part of this story which any person of decency would value.

In this world, there are some areas of such majesty, beauty and intrinsic value that they cry out for conservation in perpetuity. The Kimberley is one such place. You can help to keep the Kimberley wild and free by visiting, learning about the issues and supporting the campaign.

Thanks for helping out.

The Save The Kimberley team
The world is fast running out of places that haven't suffered at the hands of people. Let this place remain one of them.


Niki said...

Done. And passed on to more friends with huge email lists.
Un-F***in-believable that this is even an issue. I see the stickers around. I want one now.
email me at

Kristy said...

Thanks Niki.
(Ditto on the stickers.)

And to all who replied via email, thanks. Somehow this 'Government' (or lack of competency-wise) needs to be woken up. For them it's all about the money and nothing else.

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