Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Before After later After and two

This part of the garden has seen a few changes.

The straw bale bed and how that went

the colourbond bed and how that went

then bare space again

I'd like to put lilli pilli in here but until that's possible, I've just pulled and separated some of the dietes growing in other spots in the garden. They'll thicken up and have lovely white/purple/yellow iris-style flowers.

and our two new fruit trees a dwarf mango and a dwarf avacado

next to go in (waiting in pots at the front) is two dwarf pears, two mandarines, a rosemary, another plum and... oh a lemonade tree that we thought we might try after reading Gavin's post about theirs and the juice they get from it.


Niki said...

Looks fabulous Kristy, how did opJune go?
I fell short I am afraid & I am a little under the weather at the moment, but will start sorting now for Christmas Kick Ass.
I have alot to do I must say.
That little blonde curly haired kid looks adorable by the way.

Kristy said...

Heya Niki. I did up a comment on your blog the other day and blogger ate it, apparently.
I'll be back to try and post it again :)

Op June I fell short too in that sense BUT in challenging myself to OpJune I got a lot of stuff done that I otherwise wouldn't have. So that's a positive.

Holy Cow Christmas. Ditto on having a lot to do. Just trying to keep up with UNI atm and the usuals. Have found some very inspiring blog articles lately actually. Must pass on to you. Can you PM via EB your email and I'll send you the links? Well worth it.

Ta re the blonde curly kid ;)

Sending good bugs your way m'dear xo

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