Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fruit trees - what's in and what next?

These are the fruit trees we have in the garden at the moment. For my own record I'm listing them here but also if you have the same or other varieties and can share how they grow or ones you've heard of, please do!

yay for not having to buy lettuce

There's quite a few varieties (of apples, for example) we can't get over here due to quarantine, which is a bummer and does restrict what we can grow AND how relevant a lot of the gardening books I read are. That said, there are reasons for quarantine, I get that, so you just gotta work with what you have.

So far on our standard block with a massive peppermint tree in the middle of the back yard (great for summer shade, swing, hammock but not so great for full sun for f&v) we have in:
  • Washington orange
  • Naval orange (I can't remember which is which of the oranges! lol note to self to work it out hopefully one day!)
  • Imperial mandarines x 3
  • Santa Rosa plum x 2
  • Golf Ruby plum
  • Angel Peach
  • Tahitian Lime
  • Pommegranit
  • Dwarf Mango (recently planted)
  • Dwarf Avacado (recently planted)
  • Pinkerbelle Dwarf red apples x 2
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Mulberry (completely loony and fruits when it likes)
  • Lilli Pilli
some of them are still quite young and are only on their first or second year of fruit this year, with a few of them not being ready to fruit for another season yet. Apart from the mullberry that is... it's loopy!

awaiting the ground
  • Dwarf Pear Corella
  • Dwarf Pear Pretty Face (cocktail pear)
  • Lemonade Tree
on the wish list
  • Locut
  • ... still pondering a few others &
  • anything that fruits in winter LOL
we know a few people with massive locut trees and despite success with seedlings from their seeds, and with the seedlings growing to about a metre tall, after that they've all failed. I think it's the position we were trying in so will put the next one elsewhere and see if that works.

Also, despite having oranges and mandarines (two are just new mandarines), the mandarine fruits well before and after winter, and it seems the oranges are just coming into blossom now, as winter finishes. Our tomato plants have been producing since March and still are now although on the decline - so if we can't get any fruit trees to fruit in winter, we'll have to have 'tomato-fruit' instead I think!

My other thought was that if things kinda don't do 'the usual' in our garden maybe we should get a spring fruiting tree and see if it will do winter, or an autumn one or something. Maybe not but I can't work it out. The next thought was that maybe if I plant orange and mandarine out the front, they might just fruit in winter as they will be in absoloute FULL sun out there. So that could work really well in (unintentionally, intitially) staggering the production of the citrus fruit. Which would be cool. :) What's working for you?

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