Saturday, July 09, 2011

Save the Kimberley...

Save the Kimberley from Barnett and his greed, arrogance and ignorance.

  • What's being done is morally, ethically, humanly and environmentally WRONG... and that's without even taking into account the questions of legality.
  • Being told your 'choice' is 'sell this land to us or we'll take it anyway' is NOT a choice.
  • Providing 'education/health' etc as part of the 'deal' is a falsity when these services should be provided regardless and are available to all Australians without having to sell out their land and culture.
  • We're looking at a Court Govt/Noonkenbah scenario again and that was disgusting enough. That it is happening in 2011 is beyond belief.
Stand up, make your voice heard and don't let Barnett's greed destroy the Kimberley and it's people's culture. Do what's RIGHT.

Ask Getup To Come on Board
Save the Kimberley
The Wilderness Society Kimberley Campaign

No jobs on a dead planet. No humanity when your heart is dead.

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