Sunday, July 24, 2011

Skippedy Doo-dah!

click on the photo to to take you to the post. Photo used with permission, with thanks.

I have been having some serious blog-hopping fun while on the search for birthday stuff for Birthdays coming in Aug and Nov. Yes, I know Nov is a long way away (kinda) but I will probably be in exam mode then, so I thought I'd get the 'time-taking' stuff done now - finding printables, organising, sorting, working out themes etc now.

Anyway, I did find some cool stuff... and of course... the fun bit was the distractions along the way. I'm listing some of these links here today because I really like it when I come across others sharing links they like (because I'm usually looking for similar things) and because hopefully I remember that I want to do them later, when the time comes.

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