Friday, July 01, 2011

Operation... July?

Well. Operation June has come to a close. Came to a close, that is, on Thursday. However, with three weeks school holidays ahead of me, I reckon July can give Operation June a good run for it's name. So I'll give it a crack. It will need to scale down a little, and prioritise tighter. Afterall, three weeks isn't like the three or so months I originally had for Operation June.

That said, I often find that the tighter the time-frame, the more I can get done. You know? When you've been here there and everywhere, to appointments and bookings and scheduled things all day and you have a small space between 1-2.45 when the toddler is asleep and before the Kindergarten and School pickup, to get 'stuff' done... and you absolutely kick bum in that 'short' time. Yes. I know it well. It's because there's simply not time for procrastination and you have a deadline. Some event or other that means that xyz cannot be put off... again... rather they must be done now.

our stainless steel lunchboxes that arrived last week. Reviews coming.

So the list starts and my aim is to tick them all off. The list goes up on the new clipboards on the fridge (that's another post)... although maybe up on here would be better? I'll let you know how I go. Climb on-board with me and post a link to pics or post on how much you've achieved. Let's inspirationally kick each other up the bum lol

Hooray for July.

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