Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wedding Cake Trial 2

Ok. Wedding Cake trial two. Today's objective is to try out the three types of white 'chocolate' and see what holds up best AND to try out not just shards as I did in Cake Trial One (the method part), but also try 'hearts' and see how they go.

So to the chocolates. One is the standard 'Milky Bar' (made with milk powder, on the ingredients list), then the 'Premium Plastowe' which is made using milk solids, then the one from the Cake Supply Shop, made from vegetable fats and I am told is fresh and the best chocolate for 'cake stuff'. Basically. So I melted them each in turn, laid out as desired on trays (marked the baking paper so to know which is which). The Premium tastes creamier/smoother than the Milky Bar, for sure. I had had enough chocolate tasting after the first two so only briefly tasted the cake dec one. Lighter, I think it tasted but will have to sample again tomorrow to be sure.

At the trial on Tue, I wanted to present the Bride-and-Groom-to-be with two options, still inside the theme of white chocolate, white cake (actually, not chocolate, fruit nor cheesecake was the brief, so I chose vanilla - essentially), berries. So here's the two I've come up with. Of course, these can be put aside in favour of something else if the Bride and Groom prefer.

The shards
- original design suggested by the Bride based on photos she had seen and the same as I did in trial one. Being it's a trial they're not all the way round the cake nor have I filled the top with berries although the chocolate will of course go all the way round on 'the day' and the berries will fill the centre. mmmm (nice choice guys!). It was getting late in the afternoon by the time I took pics, so pardon the lighting.

rear view behind shards.
More berries of course would fill the top centre of the cake on 'the day'.

The hearts
- I thought I would just try this and see how it goes. Being the hearts are more delicate I definately need to 'stake' the berries in behind them. These hearts were done with the Milky Bar chocolate as it was the first chocolate I melted.

with a few berries behind to see the colour/structure.

Bear in mind too, that this is a single layer cake for the trial. On 'the day' it will be a double height which will really carry off the chocolate to great effect. I'll also practice my chocolate piping between now and then, and now and the 'big day'!

After 30mins assembled and at room temperature, the Milky Bar and Premium chocolate shards were both very 'relaxed' but still standing straight. The Cake supply shop chocolate shards were still nice and firm and standing straight. Big tick for the cake supply shop chocolate! I didn't think it would be all that different but after speaking to the assistant at the shop on the phone she assured me it was, and she's right.

After 60mins assembled and at room temperature, all shards still standing except for one of the Milky Bar ones. The cake supply shop choc is the clear out-performer. I did check again at 90mins however the cake had been cut and slices eaten so there goes the comparison. Someone also snuck off with a shard... *ahem* and it wasn't me.

I do know (as I expected) that I need to towel dry then air dry the outer of the strawberries for a few hours in the fridge, and toothpick them in both to stop slide and juices seeping. My worries about the shards falling in towards the middle of the cake as they did last time, are somewhat relieved by the fact that now the berries will stand behind them, secured to the cake. good good and that it's a few degrees cooler today. The location of the wedding means it should be slightly cooler again, which is a good thing for cakes at least!

I've also experimented with writing some words to put atop the cake right before it comes out. If they're done with the cake dec shop chocolate, I think they'll stand up quite well.

So on Tue, we'll be doing a Wedding Cake Trial 3. One double height cake, half in shards, half in hearts, full choc all the way round, with a full compliment of berries on top. Then the Bride and Groom can choose which they prefer.

Wedding Cake Trial 1

eta since this post please see post/links re child-slave-labour-free chocolate. Fairtrade.

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