Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Accomplish early.

Ah yes, this little extract sums it up. It's originally from Penelope Loves Lists, then guest posted on Success Your Way.

Try starting your day off with a scheduled 90-minute period of time where you work in silence on your highest priority items. No TV, no music, home phone line turned off. Most importantly, and this is really tough: don’t check your email. (Yes, I said it.) You’ll be surprised how much you’ll get accomplished in that short period of time. And because that work is concentrated on your most important tasks, that feeling of productivity will carry you through the rest of the day.

and it's so true. Be relaxed/slack for the first hour or so and it's hard(er) to get going for the rest of the day. If you just get up and get started, or walk in the door from school drop-off and get started (or both) you do get LOTS done in a short amount of time and that good feeling lasts you through the day. Mostly. :)

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