Monday, April 11, 2011

(Wedding) Cake Trial 1

Wedding Cake Trial 1 - sneak peak only, just one layer. Just trying to get the hang of the technique for the 'white chocolate walls'. Not sure what the official 'cake' name is for that - planks? More research required. Anyway, first attempt. I wanted to see how much chocolate I'd need, how thick to make it, best way to get it laid out, how long it needed to be set for, how long it would stand before drooping, best method of attachment etc.

I have a second option cake that I will try out when I do Cake Trial 2 (so will be two cakes for Trial 2) - this will be almost a full layer, with berries as desired by the Bride-to-be and I may need to look at cake stands. I need to see how much juice the berries give out, how much of it comes through etc. Then Cake Trial 3 will be afternoon tea with the Bride&Groom to be, and they can see, taste and choose. It also gives me the chance to trial the transport arrangments, packing the different parts of the cake and how long assembly on-site will take. It's an important day, and I want it to be 'right'.

NB since this post please see links to Fairtrade (child-slave labour-free) chocolate.

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